About Aurora

Aurora Game Development Club was founded in October 2011 at Georgia Southern University by Ron Williams II with the help of Reshaun Owens. The idea was to unite all the students of GSU whom were interested in game development in order to allow them to meet each other and work collaboratively on extracurricular game projects.

Aurora became an official on-campus organization in January 2012 and has since serviced over 50 students by accomplishing its stated purpose:

Aurora Game Development Club exists to aid in the professional development of its members by providing opportunities to network, gain work experience, and learn about the game development process and industry.

We continuously achieve this by conducting general body meetings, assisting students through a complete game development cycle, hosting guest speakers, facilitating trips to conferences, and much more.

Today, Aurora has evolved into a company that aims to accomplish the same goals on a wider scale. Aurora provides students with the tools, information, and opportunity to acquire cross-discipline communication skills, build a top tier portfolio, and understand how to have a successful career in the game industry.

By accomplishing our purpose, Aurora hopes to create a distinguished pool of students that are better prepared for employment in the game industry. We will bridge the gap between employers and graduates by making it easier for studios to identify talented students, and in turn create a better work environment for the entire game industry.